Priorities and Vision

Priorities and Vision

Distillation, Wine, and Brewing Studies (DWBS) Priorities

The 12 credit hour certificate is tailored to allow students to obtain introductory education in three distinct tracks; distillation, wine and brewing. The certificate is designed to compliment student's interest in another major field, or provide training to supplement other work experience. In order to further develop a robust program in distillation, wine and brewing, UK seeks to further develop undergraduate course work in accordance with demand.

In addition to establishing education tailored to student needs, UK seeks to develop research programs to advance student skillsets and to help tackle opportunities for innovation in the industry. DWBS certificate faculty and Beam Institute faculty fellows have research projects ranging from digital documentaries focusing on women in bourbon history to creating 3D modeling of maturation barrels. Interested applicants for master's and PhD's should contact DWB faculty and faculty fellow directly to learn more about their research and availability.

Partnership with the distilling, wine and brewing industry is essential to the DWBS mission. While UK has many skills in house, the DWBS program is interested in partnering with local and regional stakeholders to optimize the impact of the certificate program, research, and other educational opportunities. This currently includes teaching and student interaction with local groups such as the Kentucky Winery Association, Kentucky Brewers Guild and Kentucky Distillers Association among others. This collaborative relationship provides a connection between the next generation of brewers, winemakers, and distillers to the industry at large.

The DWBS Certificate at UK provides students with fundamental knowledge of production, supply, marketing, hospitality and the science of distilling, wine and brewing.

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DWBS Vision

A strong and broad program in distilling, wine and brewing will provide workforce training, innovation and research support that will benefit Kentucky, regional and international industries.  With a focus on quality, our goal is to continue to develop the infrastructure to advance technical training in the broad field of fermentable substrates, their resulting products and the business, marketing, bottling and distribution thereof.

UK is a leader in education in the Commonwealth with a growing student body of 30,000. From this pool we engage talented KY students and illustrate to them the potential to stay in Kentucky and work in a dynamic, internationally prominent industry that spans STEM disciplines as well as marketing, tourism and business. Additionally, the UK offers both graduate level research programs directly linked to these industries. 

UK alumni are already master distillers, winemakers and brewers not just locally, but nationally.  Many more seek to innovate, start businesses and help advance economic development.

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