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Distillating Lexington

Distilling Lexington

This publication is authored by WRD 225 students. If you were wondering about how to create your own infinity bottle or what the best bourbon ice cream is, here's your chance to find out!

New DWBS Elective - Spring 2021

GEN 300 Social Responsibility introduces students to the concept of corporate social responsibility, with specific examples taken from the distilled spirits industry.

New DWBS Elective - Spring 2021

Have you ever wanted to make history? In WRD 569 we will do just that! We will build the historical bourbon record by interviewing industry experts, leaders, insiders.

The University of Kentucky is the flagship, land-grant institution for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  Our mission centers on outreach, teaching and research to advance the interests of our state.

During the past decade, the University of Kentucky has invested in faculty, resources and farmland to serve emerging distillation, wine and brewing (DWB) industries. The development of a robust DWB program organizes these efforts and provides Kentucky students with a knowledge of a multi-billion dollar international industry with a myriad of dynamic career opportunities. 

The growth of the industry and potential for innovation requires a regional workforce to advance sustainability and innovation. Careers options are broad and range from business and marketing, to personnel technically trained in STEM disciplines with backgrounds in distillation, wine and brewing. The University of Kentucky has committed faculty time from 7 Colleges across disciplines with training in this area. Problems faced in Kentucky are often different than those experienced in other parts of the country or world. Training for specific Kentucky problems with the regional trade vocabulary would assist in streamlining education. 

James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits

Beam Institute

The James B. Beam Institute for Kentucky Spirits at the University of Kentucky is the bourbon industry’s research and development vehicle. The Beam Institute offers multidisciplinary research strengths to ensure sustained competitiveness of Kentucky’s spirits industry and its supply chain. A further commitment is to develop the state’s workforce and provide opportunities for economic growth via process efficiency and outreach. In creating exceptional teaching, research and outreach programs, the Beam Institute is a leader for Kentucky’s spirits industry from farm to product.

University of Kentucky Winery

University of Kentucky Winery

The mission of the University of Kentucky Winery is to provide support to the commercial wine industry of Kentucky through grape and wine research and Extension.

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