Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice

Chair and Professor, Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies


Last Revised: Nov 17th, 2022

Professional Biography

Be a whiskey, craft beer or a wine, every product needs a story. Dr. Rice pioneers the complex subject of developing the story that goes with a product and getting it to the right audience in our modern era of social media. He organized the international Craft Writing conference and has written multiple books and peer reviewed articles on this subject. He teaches craft writing.   


Ph.D., University of Florida

Course Instruction

WRD 225: Craft Writing (3)
Course Description: Instruction and practice in writing for the food and beverage industry. Emphasis on the history and culture of the craft beer industry and common practices in written and digital communication, argumentation and persuasion, narrative, and engagement with social media. Prerequisite: Completion of Composition and Communication requirement or consent of instructor.

Contact Information

309 Plant Science Building Lexington, KY 40546

+1 (859) 257-8654