Jarrad Gollihue

Jarrad Gollihue

Jarrad Gollihue

Jarrad Gollihue

Technical Director of Beam Institute and Post-doctoral scholar, Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering

313 Plant Science Building

Last Revised: Nov 15th, 2022

Professional Biography

Jarrad Gollihue researches the generation of volatile compounds that occurs during barrel charring and whiskey maturation. He is also interested in trouble shooting issues that arise during the whiskey making process such as ethyl carbamate production.


B.S. Plant and Soil Sciences , University of Kentucky
PhD Plant Physiology, University of Kentucky

Course Instruction

HRT 335: Distillation, Wine and Brewing Science (3)
Course Description: Broad introduction into wine, brewing, and distillation science. Information includes viticulture (growing grapes for wine), wine making (production), wine flavor chemistry, commodities for fermentation, brewing science (beer making to distribution) and distilling. This class is not based on consumption, but rather the combination of science and management strategies needed to produce quality products. A structured vocabulary is associated with production, marketing and distribution of wine, brewing and distilled products. An overarching outcome of this course is that students can describe the chemistry, biology and technology involved in fermented beverages and apply these skills in a problem solving setting. The course will focus on introductory concepts, career paths available and problem solving skills required in each element of the production chain.
GEN 300: Distilled Spirits Production: Gin (3)
Course Description: This is a hands-on focused course on distilled spirt production and product development. An overarching outcome of this course is to develop and produce a distilled alcoholic beverage for a commercial market. This will be a hands-on course that will be overseeing fermentation, distillation, blending and evaluation, quality control, bottling, labelling and marketing at the craft scale. This course will be off campus at a commercial distillery and will have nonstandard course hours. This course will have reading and graphic design work along with distillery work and product development.

Term(s) Taught: Fall 2021

Contact Information

309 Plant Science Building Lexington, KY 40546

+1 (859) 257-8654