The undergraduate certificate will provide students in any undergraduate degree program at the University of Kentucky exposure to the DWB industries. The 12 credit hour Undergraduate Certificate is tailored to be broad and allow students to obtain introductory training in three distinct tracks Distillation, Wine and/or Brewing. In order to further develop a robust program in Distillation, Wine and Brewing, UK seeks to further develop undergraduate course work in accordance with demand.

Research is a major component of the UKs core mission and both Masters and PhDs are offered. DWB program faculty have several current graduate students focused on Bourbon, wood chemistry, analytical chemistry and wine. We encourage interested applicants to contact DWB faculty.

Partnership with industry is a priority. In addition to establishing short courses tailored to industry needs, UK seeks to develop research programs to advance student skillsets and to help tackle opportunities for innovation in the industry. While UK has many skills in house, the university is also interested in partnering with local and regional stakeholders to optimize the impact of the training program. This currently includes teaching and student interaction with local groups such as the Kentucky Winery Association, Kentucky Brewers Guild and Kentucky Distillers Association among others.